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Sunday Reading

Back to teacher training tomorrow, after an excellent, relaxing, and productive break. With many books!


Our Mutual Friend, Charles Dickens. OH MY GOD there was a freaking MORAL. Man, I'm so annoyed about that. Bella revealed herself to be GRATE and then you continue the charade? Not cool, John! Not cool, Boffins! But the good people ended happily and the wicked unhappily; that is what fiction means.

Also, I was reading an electronic copy, and then I spotted a beautifully bound and truly ENORMOUS paper version in a bookshop and was mightily impressed with myself.

Courtesans, Katie Hickman. Continued as delightfully to the end. Highly recommended if you want to know what English and French demimonde ladies were up to and the societal norms they exploited and flouted during the long 19th century. (ETA: Historical accuracy apparently not a high point, but entertaining nonetheless!)


The Coldest Girl in Cold-Town, Holly Black. Holly is SO good at writing girls who are angry and damaged and proud and dangerous. I can't wait to see where Tana's going.

Cold Steel, Kate Elliot. CAT! BEE! RORY! VAI! Also, politics, magic, revolution, gender, power, control, freedom, and sport. Which are awesome! But let's face it, I'm a character reader, and I love the hell out of those four. If any of them die, I'm going to sulk for days.


Code Name Verity, Elizabeth Wein. Y'all, don't tell me a THING.

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Jul. 21st, 2013 08:00 pm (UTC)
Cold Steel is unusually well copy-edited, don't you think? It can't have been easy with all those behiques and caciques and I don't know what all. And all the characters have like five or six different names, and they're all stuff like "Leonnorios Aemilianus Keita." To say nothing of the fact that this is the third book in a trilogy and everything had to be kept consistent with the first two books! Yes, the CE must have been uncommonly skilled. I bet the style sheet was really substantial, too.
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Jul. 22nd, 2013 09:34 pm (UTC)
And modest, too, as you can see!
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